Big Ass Bang


“The ultimate realistic… most lifelike pussy and ass you will find.”

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Designed in the USA

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The Ultra Big Ass Bang doggy style pussy and ass penis masturbator feels as soft as real skin. Close your eyes, fantasize, and explode inside or all over this sexy doll!

Introducing the new Ultra Big Ass Bang penis masturbator!

Ready for pleasure… first push the two warming wands inside her and bring her to lifelike temperatures in just 10 minutes. You’ll get hard just thinking about how sweet she’s going to feel.

But wait, she gets better with the vibrating bullet. Using the remote, you control the 6 different vibrations with 6 speeds each! Soon you’ll be pulsating insider her.

“Rub your cock against her big butt cheeks; slide into her tight ass and feel the smooth tunnel sliding up and down your throbbing dick.”

“Pull out and tease her supple pussy lips with your tip; see how her skin yields for your cock. Slide into her hot, swollen pussy and feel the thick-ribbed tunnel grip your cock with every thrust.”

“To last longer in this extremely hot position, go in as deep as you can, then only pull out a few inches or place her on a tall stool so that you’re standing, instead of kneeling.”

No worries about a messy cleanup. She’s made with an Isofoam core, covered in soft CyberSkin with a U-Shaped inner tunnel to make cleaning simple and thorough. Weighing only 12 lbs, both she and the bullet are easy to handle and splashproof.

Want to enjoy her without dirtying your space? Throw down a waterproof Fascinator sex blanket and take her on top. All lubes and fluids will be absorbed without leaking through.

Having a craving and she’s too big to handle? Shop our hand held penis masturbators for pleasure on the go. There’s no monogamy here… try them all and satisfy all your feels.

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Width: 13.5 in

Height: 10 in
Depth: 14 in

Phthalate free
3-AAA batteries (not included)


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