Scandal Eye Mask


“Slip on the Scandal Eye Mask and surrender your senses to your lover’s whim.”


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The Scandal collection by CalExotics comes with a 1-year warranty.

Designed in the USA.


Surrender your sight with the romantic Scandal Eye Mask. Experience your sense of touch, scent, and hearing heightened with intense desire.

Feel the intimate comfort of this lace-trimmed, double padded mask, caressing your skin with a snug embrace. It’s sure to give you reassuring warmth as your lover gently ties the luxurious designer fabric behind you. As their hands and fingers let go, their touch slipping away, you’ll find yourself wondering what’s next. You’ll strain your hearing, listening for clues, as the sounds of their movements tease you.

Feel their lips gently brush against yours, upon hearing you moan, they press harder. Their fingers tracing your silhouette, then reaching away. You hear a new sound. A latch? A zipper? What is it? Mmmm… the intrigue is building deep inside you.

A new toy chest! Could it be? Gasp. What’s that new feeling? What’s touching you? The texture of soft feathers and leather, the scent of massage oil, the slow hum of a new vibrator, oh it’s driving you wild. Silently, hidden behind your Scandal Eye Mask, your thoughts plead, massage me, touch me, I’m yours. Your adult play has just begun.

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Phthalate Free

50" / 127cm (Mask Circumference)

1 Year Warranty


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