‘Talk Dirty To Me’ game


“Fill in the blanks of some completely innocent stories with some totally harmless words and you have the world’s most hilarious adult party game!”

Full sensuous details below ⇓

Designed in the USA


The ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ game brings out sexy, flirtatious fun for adult group play.

Your game. Your rules.

It’s playtime… adult playtime.

Having friends over for a fun drinking night? How about creating a new rule… perhaps all those points being played each round will represent the number of…?

Hosting an adult party night? Are you friends exhibitionists and voyeurs? How about igniting passion… perhaps the more risqué players will role play the stories after reading them…?

How to play the ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ game:

Essentially each player is dealt a hand of cards. When it’s your turn, you play the naughty storyteller. Open the story book and begin to read. When there’s a blank in a sentence, use one of your word cards to fill it in.

Let the dirty laughter begin!

Following a few rules to make it more challenging, your goal is to use as many cards as you can each time you read a story. After twelve stories have been read, each player adds up the number of points on each card remaining in their hands. The player with the lowest number of points wins the ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ game.

Mmmm, and the winner’s reward is…!

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How many players?

For 2 – 10 consenting adults.


  • 98 Harmless Word Cards (printed in black and red)
  • 40 Innocent Stories
  • 1 Game Booklet
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 1 Book Mark
  • 1 Pencil


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